Friday Facts, Fun and Food

Another week has passed and it seems like it was just Monday.  However, it has been a fairly slow news week which is understandable — everyone is working on the farm!  If you have a moment this weekend for some reading, here are some ideas:

The Omaha World-Herald published an interesting article on value-added agriculture.

Want some practical information about crop insurance?  Click here and here.

Have a photograph of a national wilderness area you want to enter into the 50th Anniversary National Wilderness Planning Team?  Winning photographs will be displayed at the Smithsonian.  Find out more information here.

ArtPlace America recently awarded grants for Using Art To Bring New Life To Rural Communities.  The projects funded look fascinating and a wonderful opportunity for the cities selected.

And for Father’s Day, just try to get Dad to say no to a Roast Beef Sandwich with Melted Cheese and Caramelized Onions.

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