Friday Facts, Fun, and Food.

Can you believe college football season is almost here?  And that the weather has been so beautiful of late?  If you don’t make it outside this weekend, here are some tidbits for your reading pleasure:

The apocalypse sperm bank by operated by the USDA is fascinating.

This is a great NPR report on young farmers and access to land and capital.

With school starting, do you want some lesson plans on conservation, soil science, plants, and more?  The NRCS has put together lesson plans for all ages.

The Open Harvest Dig Deeper Farm Tour and Community CROPS Farm Walk is Saturday, September 7th.

If you are in the Nebraska Panhandle, check out this amazing-sounding farm-to-table dinner in Harrisburg, Nebraska.

Got some fresh eggplant and want a sandwich?  Allow me to recommend the Grilled Eggplant Sandwich.

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