Friday Facts, Fun and Food.

Happy Friday!  I am headed out on my vacation today and as such, blogging will resume the week of September 16th.  Before I leave on a jet plane, however, some tidbits:

DTN/The Progressive Farmer has an interesting article on a farmer-to-farmer program for retired farmers.

The BBC has an interesting article on U.S. professionals leaving the corporate ladder for farming.

We return to DTN/The Progressive Farmer for an interesting look at Nebraska water regulations vis a vis irrigation.

The USDA has released its farm income forecast.

If you are going to be near Des Moines on November 6 – 8, check out the 4th National Conference for Women in Sustainable Agriculture.  I’ll be there so stop and say hi!

Craving some sweet with some heat?  Try this Fiery Grilled Peach and Habanero Salsa with pork, chicken, or by itself.

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