A new USDA resource for organic farmers

Ever tried to navigate the USDA’s various websites for information on organic production, insurance products for organics, or just what kind of markets are available?  Well, look no more.  The USDA has recently unveiled a new one stop shop for all information it collects and disseminates concerning organic production.

The website truly is a great resource.  Maybe you are curious about organic certification and are beginning the process of determining if it is for your operation.  Then the Agricultural Marketing Service, via a link on the left-hand side of the website, can begin to answer your questions.  Maybe you are wondering whether you can purchase crop insurance for your organic fields?  Just click on the ‘Financial Resources’ link and you can find information on crop insurance, as well as loans, conservation assistance, and marketing assistance.

You can even delve into topics such as importing and exporting organic products.  You can find a wealth of information on importing and exporting various products, required trade forms, and training and enforcement materials with which to educate yourself.  You can even keep up with organic news from the USDA via their Organic 101 blog.

The resources on the USDA’s one stop organic shop are from all the various USDA agencies.  If you need help navigating the website or have questions, you are welcome to contact us!

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