FACT’s Fund-a-Farmer now accepting grant applications

Courtesy of the Missouri Beginning Farmer Blog, the Food Animal Concerns Trust Fund-A-Farmer project is now accepting applications for projects that will improve the welfare of animals on a farmer’s operation.

FACT funds three types of projects to help: (1) transition to pasture-based systems; (2) improve marketing of humanely-produced products; or (3)  more generally enrich the conditions in which the operation’s farm animals are raised.

Working independent family farms that raise pigs, broiler chickens, laying hens, dairy cows, and/or beef cattle are eligible to apply for any of the three grant types listed above.  Those operations that raise goats and sheep are eligible only for marketing grants.

The grants will be up to $2,500 and awarded to at least 15 farmers.  Applications are due May 1, 2014 and grants will be awarded in August, 2014.  If you have questions, FACT has provided the grant guidelines here.  You may also sign up for a webinar to discuss the grant application process.

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