Regional Conservation Partnership Program Launched

NRCS recently announced a new program, the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP).  RCPP is a new program in which NRCS, working with state, local, and regional partners coordinate resources to install and maintain conservation projects and activities.

RCPP funding falls among three different areas.   Forty percent of funding for RCPP will go to national, multi-state projects; twenty-five percent to state projects; and thirty-five percent to critical conservation areas designated by the Secretary of Agriculture.

What makes RCPP particularly interesting are the eligible partners.  Eligible partners include agricultural or silvicultural producer associations, farmers cooperatives or other groups of producers, state or local governments, Indian tribes, municipal water treatment entities, water and irrigation districts, conservation-driven non-governmental organizations, and institutions of higher learning.

The funding notice is currently available.  Unfortunately, the closing date to apply is July 14, 2014 so if you are interested, start your application sooner than later.  NRCS is hosting webinars and Q&A sessions if you have questions and the webinars will be recorded for future reference or if you cannot make the designated date and time.


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