Crop Insurance for Tilling Native Sod

For those readers in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota, there is a change in crop insurance if you wish to till native sod and plant an annual crop.

The Risk Management Agency, pursuant to the 2014 Farm Bill, is limiting crop insurance benefits to producers who till native sod and plant an annual crop for the first four years of production.  Native sod is defined as acreage that has never been tilled or land which the producer cannot substantiate has ever been tilled for crop production.  The reduction in crop insurance benefits is for all counties in the states listed above and for production on five acres or more per crop insurance policy.

The above policy goes into effect in Fall 2014.  If you have plans to till native sod, now is a good time to touch base with your crop insurance agent and discuss this and other risk management strategies.

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