Direct Marketing and Accepting SNAP Benefits

An increasing number of SNAP recipients are spending their benefits are farmers markets, roadside stands, and directly from farmers.  In fiscal year 2014, SNAP benefits used at farmers markets and the like totaled $18.8 million, a nearly six-fold increase since 2008.  In fact, the total number of SNAP-authorized vendors has increased from 753 to over 6,400 across all fifty states.

The trend is showing up in Nebraska.  Nebraska farmers saw about $25,000 in revenue through food-stamp spending in the year ending Sept. 30, 2014, plus $194,000 through a senior food voucher program and $37,000 more through a voucher program for low-income women with children.  In fact, there are over fifty Nebraska farmers who accept SNAP benefits, an increase from one farmer in 2008.

If you are a direct market or small, niche operation, accepting SNAP benefits may be an avenue worth exploring to diversify your income stream.  The Farmers Market Promotion Program is a federally-funded grant program to assist producers in accepting SNAP benefits.

We’re always happy to help those interested in accepting SNAP benefits for their farm.  Feel free to contact us!

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