FarmHer and Women Farmers

An interesting article in Quartz highlights an interesting new project, FarmHer, which is a photography project aiming to show the day-to-day experience of women farmers.  The website is amazing and documents the varied farming experience(s) of women as farmers, landowners, mentors, and more.

But the article also included information that I found surprising.  From the article:

In 2012, there were 2% fewer female farmers than in 2007. Plus, while 14% of the country’s 2.1 million farms had women as principal operators, that accounted for only 6.9% of American farmland, and sales by women made up only 3.3% of total US agricultural sales.

Projects like FarmHer certainly help increase the visibility of women farmers, operators, and those involved in agriculture.  But programs like this one are also available to assist women farmers, be it through offering workshops on business planning, one-on-one assistance on available resources and programs to start or expand an operation, advice on governing rules and regulations, or even providing legal assistance in creating and executing the necessary paperwork to establish a business entity.  If it is a legal question from a beginning farmer, we will assist if at all possible.

We’re always happy to help — our goal and mission is to assist any and all beginning farmers in Nebraska, South Dakota, and the greater Plains.


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