Introduction to the new Farm and Food Attorney

Hello! My name is Amy Swoboda. I am the new Farm and Food Attorney at Legal Aid of Nebraska. I am a native of Lincoln and recently spent four years in Moscow, Idaho, where I received my J.D. and M.S. focusing on Water Resources. My master’s thesis focused on water, land use, and agricultural policies and practices concerning the use of the River Nile in Egypt. Upon my return to Nebraska, I started working at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the Agronomy and Horticulture Department. I helped instruct a course on international land grabs with Dr. Charles Francis. In both of these positions I hope to support local farmers and food systems.

More personally, I enjoy riding my bike, cooking, beekeeping, traveling, running, reading, camping, being outdoors, and hanging out with friends. I will plant a large garden this summer and look forward to participating in a local CSA. I truly strive to support and promote our local food systems and economy in Nebraska. I look forward to the adventure this position at Legal Aid will bring!


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