Agricultural Worker Rights Program

Legal Aid of Nebraska’s Agricultural Worker Rights Program offers legal services to agricultural workers across the state.

Agricultural workers are employed at farms, feed lots, hog confinements, harvesters, contractors, or companies working in the production of crops, dairy products, poultry and livestock, nursery and greenhouse production, vineyards; and the food processing industry, such as, fruit and vegetable canning.  Agricultural workers may be migrant workers who travel from place to place harvesting seasonal crops or detasseling corn.

Agricultural workers, WE CAN HELP IF you have problems, including:

  • You aren’t paid for all your hours;
  • Your wage is less than what was promised;
  • You are treated differently than other workers;
  • You don’t have access to a bathroom or clean water in the field;
  • You didn’t get your bonus;
  • You have been sprayed by pesticides;
  • You get hurt at work;
  • You are scared of your boss;
  • Your boss touched you inappropriately;
  • Your boss talks dirty to you;
  • Your housing is bad; or
  • Your meals aren’t what was agreed;


We are available to partner with you on how best to serve Nebraska’s agricultural workers.  We believe a collaborative approach is most effective.  We can provide education to you on the rights of agricultural workers.  Please contact us to join you on outreach to your agricultural worker communities.  As always, please feel free to refer us any cases where you feel an agricultural worker needs legal assistance.

To apply for legal services, to make a referral please, or to schedule an outreach event please contact:

Phone: 1-877-250-2016 ext. 7