So, what is this program anyway?

This program is aimed at Nebraska and South Dakota’s beginning farmers and ranchers, funded via the United States Department of Agriculture.  The program’s goal is to increase the number of beginning farmers in Nebraska and South Dakota through education about legal and financial topics.  We focus upon both beginning farmers and ranchers, as well as farmers and ranchers who are considering succession to the next generation.

Legal Aid of Nebraska provides workshops, clinics, one-on-one assistance, and written materials. Workshops are presented to group of participants to discuss issues pertinent to beginning farmers and ranchers. Clinics are one hour sessions at locations throughout the State of Nebraska once a month, with each appointment lasting approximately one hour.  One-on-one assistance with legal counsel is provided by appointment at a location convenient for you.  Written materials include not only this website but articles, factsheets, model leases, and the like.

Since this program is headed by Legal Aid of Nebraska, are there any income requirements?

No.  Funding for this program comes from the United States Department of Agriculture.  As such, there are no income requirements or income cut-offs.

Is one-on-one assistance available?

Yes!  If you are a beginning farmer or rancher, call 800-464-0258 to request assistance.

What is a ‘beginning farmer’?

A beginning farmer or rancher is typically defined as an individual who has farmed for ten years or less.  The definition does not depend upon the age of an individual but rather, how long the individual has been farming.  Many individuals grew up on farms or were exposed to farming and ranching as children or young adults but this experience does not necessarily mean the person is a beginning farmer or rancher.  Typically, the indication of farming for ten years of less is the filing of a Schedule F on the person’s federal income taxes.  If a Schedule F has been filed for eight years, for example, that person is considered a beginning farmer or rancher.

What if I am not a beginning farmer?

Legal Aid of Nebraska’s Beginning Farmer program also assists those farmers and ranchers considering succession and continuity planning.  We are happy to address your questions about estate planning, tax planning, financial analysis, and other questions you may have about succession.


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