The following are a list of general resources available for beginning farmers and ranchers in Nebraska and South Dakota.  Legal Aid of Nebraska is always available for legal or financial questions as well.

Nebraska Rural Response Hotline, located in Bancroft, Nebraska, is available at 800-464-0258.

The Nebraska Network for Beginning Farmers maintains a web page with a list of financing, education, technical assistance, and membership organizations for beginning farmers and ranchers.

Center for Rural Affairs maintains a dedicated beginning farmer and rancher website.

Nebraska Department of Agriculture’s website for beginning farmers includes information on the Nebraska Beginning Farmer Tax Credit.  You may also contact the Department at 1-402-471-4876.

Returning to the Farm from the University of Nebraska Department of Agricultural Economics is offered annually.  You may contact Returning to the Farm at 800-535-3456.

South Dakota Department of Agriculture has a number of resources listed for beginning farmers.

Nebraska Beginning Farmer contains a list of financial, legal, and other resources for beginning farmers.

Iowa State University’s Beginning Farmer Center is a wonderful resource with general information for beginning farmers and information specific for Iowa farmers.

Taylor Reid provides updated and ongoing information at Beginning Farmers. Beginning Farmers site also includes job, internship, and apprenticeship listings.

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