New Generations Legacy program

This week, we continue to highlight the work of our partner the Center for Rural Affairs.  The Center is launching a new program to help more beginning farmers and ranchers land access.

The New Generations Legacy program will receive agricultural land from interested donors.  The land will then be rented to qualified beginning farmers and/or ranchers.  As the beginner becomes established, s/he will have the option to purchase the land.

Beginners will be qualified based upon financial need, reasonable acreage limitations, and an agreement to practice sustainable agricultural practices.

The New Generations Legacy program is a nationwide program.  As such, the Center will attempt to assist qualified beginners who live near donated land.

For more information, contact Hank Rohling at the Center for Rural Affairs.  The New Generations Legacy program is an exciting step for both landowners interested in creating a legacy in their communities and beginners to expand and build upon that legacy and create a legacy of their own.

Friday Facts, Fun, and Food

Congrats to UCLA on winning the College World Series.  I hope all the fans had a wonderful time and it was great to see everyone in town.  Now, onto some weekend reading!

The Center for Rural Affairs released a poll of Rural Americans.  There is an interesting tidbit for everyone in the poll.

Prescott Frost, a Nebraska grass-fed cattle rancher, is profiled in the New York Times.

Nuts, fruits, and veggies are the better choice.

Nebraska preliminary crop prices for June are released and the results are mixed.  Wheat and alfalfa hay is down from May, whereas corn, soybeans, and soybeans are up from May.  South Dakota is similar.  Wheat and sunflower are down, whereas corn and soybeans are up.

The Nebraska Department of Roads is accepting applications for right-of-way hay permits.

In case you need a refreshing adult drink after the temperatures this week, I’d recommend the Porch Crawler.

Beginning Farmers and Veterans

Because yesterday was Memorial Day, it is appropriate to discuss unique programs for veterans who are also beginning farmers.  If you are interested in the types of programs starting across the country, the National Young Farmers’ Coalition has a good overview.

In Nebraska, The Center for Rural Affairs spearheads the Veteran Farmers Project.  The Veteran Farmers Project provides training on farming topics and financing, individual consultants, and a HelpLine.

There is also the Farmer Veteran Coalition which lists various veteran farms and employment opportunities.  It also has an equipment donation program for farmers in Iowa.

And remember our conversation about the Farm Service Agency’s new microloans?  Microloans are also available to veterans.  Keep in mind that the Small Business Association also provides microloans up to $50,000 through non-profit intermediaries.  The SBA loans are similar to the FSA loans — you may purchase equipment or machinery, provide working capital, purchase inventory or supplies, and/or furniture and fixtures.  Of note, the microloan from the SBA cannot be used to purchase real estate. A listing of participating intermediaries by state is here.

Don’t forget, in Nebraska and South Dakota, Legal Aid of Nebraska can provide assistance to veterans who are also beginning farmers.  We’re happy to help so feel free to contact us at any time!