2014 Organic Farmers Survey

The National Agricultural Statistics Service recently mailed the 2014 Organic Survey to organic farmers across the country.  The survey focuses exclusively on issues, trends, and concerns for organic farmers.

The survey is a follow-up to the 2012 Census of Agriculture.  It is also a follow-up to the previous Organic Survey, completed in 2008.

The survey will provide highly important trend data on growth, trends, challenges, and opportunities for organic farmers.  By looking at the new data as compared to the 2008 data, organic farmers, and those who have an interest (in any manner) in organic farming, will have more information at their fingertips about where organic farming is heading, the growing market, and emerging challenges and opportunities.

If you’ve already received your survey, you may complete it online.

If you are an organic producer, or transitioning to organic production, please take the time to complete the survey.  In this case, more information allows for better production, marketing, and risk management for all organic producers!


Tenure, Ownership, and Transition of Agricultural Land survey

If you are farmland owner, you may soon receive the Tenure, Ownership, and Transition of Agricultural Land (“TOTAL”) survey from the USDA.

TOTAL is, per the USDA, like the landowner version of the Census of Agriculture.  It will cover land ownership income, debt, assets, demographic, and other landlord characteristics, as well as information on those renting the land.

The survey results will be released in August 2015.  The results will allow both landowners and tenants to negotiate fair rental prices as well as gain a deeper understanding of the market and its trends.

If you receive a survey, please take the time to fill it out.  Information such as this is important for all individuals interested in agriculture.  So let your voice be heard!